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Originally Posted by infantrycak
Not letting Willingham finish out his 1st contract when prior coaches have seems to be what most folks crying racism are hanging their hats on...
I believe Bob Davis was taking ND to a BCS bowl at the end of his third year. Willingham isn't. The fact that the two were treated differently after their third year may have more to do with this than race.

Major college football is Big Business (even if it shouldn't be). In big business, you don't let someone finish out two more years if you know it isn't working. Who does that help? You pay him out and move on.

The real risk in this situation is that it may discourage other institutions from hiring African American head coaches if they feel they will be under additional scutiny if they have to let him go.

It may be that coach Willingham was a great guy and a great coach, who wasn't getting it done (based on recent perfomance and preception of what is sitting in the program under his leadership). He certainly has excelled in other positions. Hopefully, Washington will work out for both parties.
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