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hey Lucky
where can I find a breakdown like that? or is that out of your head

also what is the average contract for a top 15 LT?
I would hate to get stuck with a tackle with a huge contract, when the kid from Midland-Lee is coming out next year
I think that Eric is as good if not better than anyone coming out this year
without that injury, he would be a top five pick and Barron and D'Brickashaw would be way down the list
but I do like the name "D'Brickashaw"
maybe if the kid from Syracuse had a catchy name, we could look at him
"Adam Terry" sounds so plain
how about "SirDon" Terry or "Keyunta" Terry

Loper is better than Ferguson and Barron, he just isn't a media star

does anyone remember when the coaching staff introduced Big Dan to the team before the season started? how often does that happen?
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