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Reminds me of Andre Johnson on the offensive side of the ball, is Derrick Johnson on the Defensive side. Johnson would be a great pass rusher, and would make plays all over the field. He forces fumbles and is great in pass coverage.
i don't really know what that means. that is not the right comparison anyway. if you want to compare DJ to anyone on the miami team it would be McGahee. i think your comparison is that when ever a big play is made, DJ has something to do with it. when miami needed a big play they went to willis, maybe i'm wrong. remember andre was never the focus point of the offense, althought ken did start to look more to him during his junior season. also you are just stating the obvious by saying that we need DJ. i think everyone one the board has said that some way.

OSU 166 pass attempts 564 rushes
that stat right their shows why his numbers were good. everyone and their mothers knew that the cowboys were going to run the ball. woods didn't scare anyone, so they wouldn't defend the pass. also, wasn't vernand hurt during the season, i think it was his hamstring?

I do miss the 20 topics about how we should/shouldn't draft Sean!
"He's a bad dude, I'd like to have him in our arsenal. I'd never run the ball."

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