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Default Why the Texans need Derrick Johnson

The Texans defense is the main weakness of this team in my opinion.

Domanick Davis has come around, and David Carr is just in a slump, playing against some great teams the past 3 games. I think our offense will improve in many areas next year. Obviously we need to improve the LT position also, but I feel like that can be done in free agency.

Our defense is missing one thing that makes any defense great. A playmaker.

Our secondary improves every game, and our defense gets better every game, except for: Run Defense and Sacks

Our Dline is old, but they arent supposed to make plays. They are supposed to take up blockers in the 3-4 scheme. The linebackers are the key. And our linebacker play has been garbage this year.

Sharper gets an abundance of tackles, but he is not a franchise linebacker. Wong is average. Babin is approaching average. Sharper is above average, and whoever we stick beside him is below average.

This makes for a very average defense, that needs a defensive playmaker. Having witnessed Derrick Johnson firsthand, he is an unbelievable defensive talent. He will run a 4.5 forty, has the confidence you need in a LB, but is a good person.

Reminds me of Andre Johnson on the offensive side of the ball, is Derrick Johnson on the Defensive side. Johnson would be a great pass rusher, and would make plays all over the field. He forces fumbles and is great in pass coverage.

Bottomline, I think he is the best player in this draft. That is obviously my opinon, but having met this 6'4" 235 pound beast that is as fast as most running backs is scary. He singlehandedly kept Texas in the OU with the plays he was making all over the field.

Wondering what yalls thoughts on this is. He would fit in with the Texans personality perfect. An intense player who is very low key off of the field.
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