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All in all it is so tough to tell how a QB will turn out...heck, just look at he boards and see the discussion about Carr's development. I think that all 3 of the top QBs have a good chance to succeed from the skills stand point. I think that Big Ben needs the most polishing but he is in a great enviroment in Pittsburg and a QB friendly system. Rivers is going to be getting pasted from the get go...if the Bolts can work maintain him they might have something there. Finally, our fav...ELI, well he is toting the load for the Gmen and that's going to be awful heavy about mid-season...not to mention the total lack of O-line in NY. Between his lack of supporting cast and the animosity that he has instilled in a lot of NFL vets (think Ray Lewis here) he is going to be running for his life.
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