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Again I will say why did they draft Carr. They want to run the ball and to hell with passing. Again, I say that because Carr's forte is not handing off the ball to a running back. Vinny would say he doesn't even fake well. If you buy the line they are giving you, I think you might like a Brooklyn Bridge offer. If the next three games are excellent examples of what we have seen so far this season, then I think you might be surprised at what happens. I think this article is the kiss of death for Capers. Someone is feeling the heat or you wouldn't see an article like this. They say they hear what the fans are saying, but are they really. They always have an excuse for not doing something. I think this is what the players have been eluding too also. The team is flat over coached. No one knows what the H,,,,,,,,, they are doing on any given play. They are frozen stiff with coaching wisdom.
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