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Originally Posted by Texan281
Okay, put Coleman in a wheelchair (no injuries involved) and get him sloppy drunk... and he'll STILL do better than Stevens.
With all that, a blindfold, and handcuffed he'd do better than Matt Stevens.

But all joking aside, the Texans should take on a whole new form this year. Last year we were better than our record showed, losing so many 4th quarter leads due to injuries on the defensive side of the ball, we couldnt stop anyone late in a game. I remeber year one when our D was the strength of the team, they kept us is in games because of their refusal to give up points. Last year I expected them to be solid again, but due to the fact we were riddled with injury, our O was the strenght and they fared well, holding up there end of the bargan. This year, our D has improved tons from year 1, which is what I messure our D by because of last years injury problem. And our O will be more experienced plus we add another solid piece to the O-Line.
This year I think it will all come together.

And on the Seth Wand thing, the areas of concern with him coming otu of college where, though he is HUGE, he reall wasnt that strong, benching 225 only 20 times, he also didnt use his long arm to his advantage, not extending them all the way.But when I look at Gallery's profile and his side by side, you see that Gallery only lifted 225 four more times than Wand. And hopefully the coaches have tought Wand to extend his arms and to use his size better. But we have good coaches, so they probably have that covered.

Gallery Profile
Wand Profile
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