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inadvertent whistles are a boon to everyone...

You may or may not remember, but a few years ago, the Colts were in a game...4th quarter, down by 3. Moving the chains, with enough time for a couple more plays, but in the red zone. Manning told the head ref that he was going to fake the spike. Teams lined up, PM takes the snap, fakes the spike, and proceeds to walk over towards the of the line judges blew his whistle right as the defense relaxed and manning headed into the end zone for the touchdown. Rule was that the inadvertent whistle made the play dead, and there was 1 second left to kick the FG to send the game into OT, where the Colts lost the game.

But...they are part of the game, and there are rules there for when they happen. They do suck, you won't hear me defending them...
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