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Originally Posted by Fiddy
Davis hardly does anything when he gets to the linebackers. If Davis did things to get by LBs, his yards per carry average would be higher then 3.6...

Ronnie Brown has the best hands on the Auburn team so its not like it is difficult to find RBs who can catch.

well Fiddy i have been listening to all your comments about Davis and i see where your coming from. And infact the same thing is happening with carr, oh and gaffney has not had big numbers this year either, ok sorry payne not enough sacks time to go, lets just fire them all because noone on the team has performed extremely well this year. So is it time to cut all the players and start over ????? NO because DAVIS (is a good back), Carr is a good QB. I'm just saying if we must talk bad than talk bad about the whole team, and ya dont think the O-line has anything to do with Davis's troulbles this season ? Barry Sanders couldnt even run behind the line we have had lately !
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