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i don't quite know how to respond...but I feel a need to respond here...

Fake audibles throw off the defense...just like the real ones do. A few years ago, the Colts were playing what then was a VERY good Oakland Raider team in Indy. Colts racked up monstrous #'s in the first half, but at halftime, the defense figured out his audibles...and shut them down in the 2nd half, winning the game on a field goal. His "fake" audibles have only become more important since that game.

In this game, with MILLIONS on the line (fans and $$) if your team isn't doing WHATEVER it can to win the game, then you are coming up short.

All of this is moot, though. If PM were the quarterback of the Texans, you would be eating this stuff up. You would have a Manning jersey, probably paint 18 on your face for game day, and carry his rookie card in your wallet.

Bottom line here is this. Your opinion REEKS of jealousy, and you have no reason to be jealous. Carr is a great QB, and once the right people are in there to get the mental part of his came honed, he will be mentioned in the same breath as the PM's Tom Brady's, Joe Montanas, etc...

Just my opinion about your opinion...
D-CAF!!! D-CAF!!!
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