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Originally Posted by HJam72
I don't know about all this conspiracy stuff either, but blowing the whistle so soon was a bonehead move. When he did it, he was saying, "I'm 100% sure that that was a forward motion pass." How can you be so sure when a QB gets hit and throws the ball in the dirt (I mean grass, lol) and not even in the direction of a receiver or in the direction that he was even looking when it left his hand? You can't. Referees in the NFL are whistle happy. The idea is to blow the whistle before anyone can start scrambling for the ball and also so they'll have less play to decipher in the first place. It's an automatic reaction. Blow the whistle and ALWAYS give the ball back to the offense--almost like DO OVER!

It's kind of like the call in basketball where, if you have the ball, you can run into anyone and throw the ball up at the hoop, because it's ALWAYS a foul on the defensive player, unless he's been standing there for an eternity waiting for you to run into him. [I could go on and on about the rediculous way games are called in basketball. I rooted for Charles Barkley as a rocket, but he was footketball player.] And it's the same exact problem: TOO MANY WHISTLES.

I understand what you're saying about refereeing (stange word) being a tough job, but there's a rule there somewhere that needs to be changed. Maybe it's an unwritten rule. Here's the jest of it: STOP ENDING PLAYS THAT AREN'T OVER YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You know what they should have had to do after it was decided that they had made a mistake blowing the whistle? This would embarrass the officials and I love it. They should have had to flip the coin to see who gets the ball where it landed. With all the fans at the game and on TV and, no doubt, on the news everywhere later, the officials have to flip the coin in the middle of a game to decide who would have recovered it, because they GOOOOOOFED AGAIN.
while i understand your frustration...flipping a coin MIGHT embarass the refs, but that is the only thing it would accomplish. The teams would get screwed, and you can rest assured that Your team will get screwed more than mine, but I'll say mine gets screwed more than yours, and it will just be another thread on the MB.

When refs make mistakes like this, they get hit in the wallet...they are skipped over when the schedule is made out, and FORGET working the playoffs. The league does it's job in recruiting these guys, and for the most part, they do a good job. They make mistakes, and when they do, they appear to do so in bunches...

I would encourage any of you who are vehemently complaining to sign up to referee...ref a few games, and see if you can do what they do, even on a rec league game. I think you will see just how difficult it is. Being an armchair referee is as easy as being a Monday Morning QB.
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