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Default was bad offense intended, but if the calls went the Texans way, all of you who are FURIOUS would not be complaining. While stationed in Cali, I got the opportunity to try my hand at refereeing. Granted, this was basketball, but the point that I am going to make is on the same premise.

We started ref'ing games on film. We studied the rule books, and took test after test after test. We were graded, and the top 10% of us moved on to ref actual games. We started with HS basketball games, and the top performers there went on to the college ranks, and so on and so on. Those HS games were already at a speed that it was difficult to make the right calls. I could not imagine what the college game was like. Fortunately for me, my military commitments would not give me the time off to ref the college games, and I had to withdraw from the program.

What that experience gave me was a GREAT understanding and sympathy for referees, and the job that they do. I no longer question the umpire in my softball leagues, because he is human, and prone to make mistakes. If I get a bad call in my pickup b-ball leagues, I don't complain...I just go to the other end of the floor.

Oh, and for you conspiracy theorists who think the NFL is "in on" PM's getting the record, I'm about as tired of that garbage as I am of Reggie Miller's crying to the NBA about small market teams. And Uncle Reg is probably one of my favorite all time basketball players. If PM were the Texans QB, you would be defending him with all your fingertips on these message boards.

Great game Sunday. The Texans showed me that they are a force to be reckoned with...and I think this off season will be different from previous ones. I think you'll see a lot more Carr and the offense working together to get the rapport that Manning has with his receivers.
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