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Hochuli sucks Toro's "mountain oysters". His favoritism is more obvious than those extreme makeover pecs and bi-sex....errr um.. that he displays. It's a disgrace for someone like him to blatantly make bad calls. These refs' calls should be over-ruled when they are as obvious as they are. Respect my arse..if you don't repremand these Ref's calls such as some of the calls Hochi has made in the last few games, it becomes rampant.
Refs like him play God on the field because the NFL allows them to do so, and they don't have the skills to be real football players.
Note: Not all Refs are biased and make bad calls. But whe the obvious stares you right in the face, there should be some type of grievance that coaches can take to overturn the ruling of the refs, even after the game. Penalize them monetarily or with suspension for making crappy calls, especially after the call has been reviewed and they stick to their guns when it is so obvious that they blew the call.
Assinine calls like this cause a Team to either lose a game or lose momentum.
Don't let these guys determine the outcome of the game.
A Ref should be impartial, which is more than I can say for this Hoochie butthole. Somebody poke him with a fork and deflate his ego. He's way over-done.
I can accept calls against our team when they are legit. Open your eyes Hooch or are you somebody's biatch!?!

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