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I think that people are upset because the current system has never really worked. Folks in Houston know football. Many of us have been around the game our whole lives. If you have such a close relationship to the game, you have a better feel for what works and what doesn't. I can see developing over 2 or 3 years, but now is the time to see results and right now there aren't many. Just look at the level of talent the Texans have right now. Now compare it to the level of talent that Pittsburgh has, including a 1st year QB. The difference in talent does not add up to the difference in wins and losses. In know that Pittsburgh has a few more advantages and are playing a little over their heads, but when you factor it all together the Texans are not supposed to be that much worse than the Steelers, but they are. So you have to ask yourself why. IMHO it is because the Texans don't have a very good foundation. The team is fundamentally unsound and makes way too many dumb and thoughtless mistakes. They run bad routes, miss blocking assignments and commit too many penalties, especially in crucial situations. The players are partly responsible for that, but in general that reflects mostly on coaching. Those are the things that coaches can and should fix, but the Texans staff hasn't for 3 years now. A team that has less talent, but makes fewer mistakes will beat the Texans almost every week because of that, much less the "Big Dogs". At some point you have to start over with a more effective system. I like Capers, the way he built and runs the team is very admirable. Palmer on the other hand, has been a flop from day one. He has never been successful anywhere he has been and is not going to start now. Fangio has done a decent job with what he has, but this season he has been too conservative in key situations. But overall the staff does not fit with what the team needs to win. Folks do have to keep in mind however, if they restaff, it will almost be like starting over. We'll have to wait a year or 2 more for a new system to work as well. But from my perspective that is what we have to do because the current course is leading us the wrong direction. Why wait 4 years when you know after 2 and a half that the system does not work? At the very least they should bring in a new Offensive Coordinator and revamp the coaching staff and philosophy.
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