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Originally Posted by Cincinnatikid
Longer has nothing to do with a running back. DD has gotten the blocks the last couple weeks. He has gotten yards, but you gotta do something when you arent getting the best blocking. Barry Sanders had so many negative yards because of bad blocking. You cant blame the whole thing on the line, he has to do something after he gets past the line, and he doesnt have too many long runs in his two years. He isnt a probable pro bowler, he is an average guy, and they should not settle for that if they can improve on it.
Ok first of all this is Barry Sanders you are talking about, HE'S THE MAN, Barry could get yards with a middle school O-line for christs sakes, he is one in a lifetime. No back in the world with the exception of Barry and a few others could get positive yards with a horrible O-Line. Back to Davis now, he's no st@r, but when he gets blocks and gets into the open field he makes things happen. He doesn't exactly break tackles but for some reason or the other he's hard as hell to tackle once he gets pass the D-Line and a few LB's keep in mind this is only his second year and he's coming off a few injuries.

Another positive that i like about him is that he can also catch the ball, he might have better hands then some of receivers in this league and that is a huge plus.
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