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Originally Posted by wiley2002
Boy some people don't know when to do a little more research. Going back to what you said on RBs, DD is fine. We just need some people on the o-line to block a little more up field. Even AJ has gotten involved up field holding off the secondary which has been a big part of some of DD's best runs. Plus you have to understand that the Steelers have been in the league A LOT longer than the Texans. We will be like them one day. You just have to be patient.

Longer has nothing to do with a running back. DD has gotten the blocks the last couple weeks. He has gotten yards, but you gotta do something when you arent getting the best blocking. Barry Sanders had so many negative yards because of bad blocking. You cant blame the whole thing on the line, he has to do something after he gets past the line, and he doesnt have too many long runs in his two years. He isnt a probable pro bowler, he is an average guy, and they should not settle for that if they can improve on it.
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