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A quick note. DD was a sleeper last year. As I picked him up as a FA in week 2. Who woulda thunk he would oust Mack. This year DD is not a sleeper. He is a legitimate second-tier RB. He could possibly be a first tier depending on how well the line performs during preseason.

TH needs to work on
1.pass blocking
2.picking up a blitz
3.running between the tackles harder
4.breaking tackles
5.scaring DB's

I think TH is still in a developmental stage. I am sure we will see flashes of brilliance. I would like to see him put the defense on their heels. It became apparent to me last year that TH was mainly rushing outside. This makes it all to easy for the opposition, because they will cheat to the outside. He may get a couple runs by them, but without being a legitimate threat to take it the distance up the middle he will not beat out DD. Maybe I am being a little critical, but that is my assessment.
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