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Originally Posted by Cincinnatikid
Its not simply the size, the problem is that he gets bounced around. He doesnt break tackles very often, and he doesnt have the great side stepping moves. Emmitt Smith could run some guys over, make ankle breakers, and run fast. LaDainian is fast and its hard to get a hand on him cuz of his moves. The same with the others, they can either break some tackles or have better feet than him. He would be a good 3rd down back because he can break a run every once in a while, and he can catch very well out of the backfield. He is not a NFL starter. Look at that list of backs you have, you can add many more, and all of those guys are potential Pro Bowlers, there are many guys that can run very well and be potential Pro Bowlers, and DD is not one. So why should they settle for his medocrity? We have the worst running back in teh division. He is behind the Edge, Fred Taylor, and Chris Brown (a 4th round pick I believe). This team needs a player at running back to make something happen on offense, just like every other successful team in the NFL already has. Look at Pittsburgh for the model for this team. TWO running backs, a potential Pro Bowl QB, good receivers, and an awesome 3-4 defense. That is what this team should be striving for.

Boy some people don't know when to do a little more research. Going back to what you said on RBs, DD is fine. We just need some people on the o-line to block a little more up field. Even AJ has gotten involved up field holding off the secondary which has been a big part of some of DD's best runs. Plus you have to understand that the Steelers have been in the league A LOT longer than the Texans. We will be like them one day. You just have to be patient.
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