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Originally Posted by wags
So why do we have more big passing plays than both the Chargers and Redskins?

Texans: 43 completions over 20 yards, 5 comp over 40 yards
Chargers: 34 comp over 20, 7 over 40
Redskins: 19 over 20, 4 over 40
The reason the Skins dont have many big plays is because Gibbs is still playing like it is the early 90s and is only sending two/three people on pass routes and keeping everyone else in to protect. The Chargers are also leading the AFC West so Marty-ball is working over there. And I remember 3 big plays in the KC game in the second half when we were coming back and Davis was on the sideline with an ankle problem. And then there were a couple to AJ and one to Gaff against the Raiders when Wells was the back. So if you take 6 of those 43 completions away because Davis wasnt the back you are at 37.

Originally Posted by HJam72
Yes you are, lol, and I'm starting to believe you. All those cover 2s require dropping back the LBs. If DD were more of a break-away threat, they'd have to stop using the cover 2 so much and go with man coverage to stop him at the line. That still wouldn't help all that much with the pass protection (it would some), but it would sure help with getting receivers open.
He is not hurting the passing game by getting yards, he is hurting the passing game by being the type of back he is. Thats what I am trying to say.

But you are getting what I am saying. Against the Pats, the Colts had to stop Corey Dillion and were scared of him and Brady threw for 335 yards (more than Manning had). Against the Packers, the Colts had to stop Green and Favre went on to throw for 360 yards, etc. Against the Texans, the Colts wanted to have Davis carry the load and Carr only threw for 167.

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