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Originally Posted by gwallaia
Hochuli should be tested for steroids.
LOL!! I want this dude to come and play for my team.

About the REFS: I understand how you can MISS a call because someone is in your line of sight, you're too far away, you're hit by a player and on your rump, etc. However, there has been so much BS this year with refs completely blowing it because they do not execute the rules correctly.

Examples: last night in the Redskins game, being in the final 2mins of the game, a play that clearly gets a first down but is marked way short - they don't go to the official's replay until the Skins call a timeout and they have a chance to think about it <- inexcusable. Last Mon night, Keyshaun's TD catch in the final 2mins, clearly not a catch and never looked at <- inexcusable. You won't like this one - the play in the Colts/Texans game where Manning threw the ball right before being sacked. The ball hit Edgerrin James (an eligible reciever) and the play is called a sack (BTW, Texans fans wanted "intentional grounding" but the result was the same - loss of down and ruled a sack). Horrible call because the rule states that if it hits an eligible reciever, he has a chance to catch it, and the call should have been 'incomplete'. Again, poor execution of the rules. Finally, the famous Peyton fumble recovered by Texans (again, an identical situation Colts fans saw last week vs TENN) that was challanged and actually ruled a fumble, the correct call but Colts retain possession. I call this BAD refereeing because the whistle blew so quickly. They need to let the play CONTINUE and then they can decide amongst themselves if it was actually an incomplete pass! They have the power to overturn themselves and if they don't then it can be challanged. I feel like I've seen complete mental breakdowns in refereeing this year and it sucks.

Anyhow, my condolences on the loss. I wish you guys weren't in our division because I like the Texans. Sweetest logo in the league. Peas ...piece ... peace
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