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Originally Posted by HJam72
Fiddy, you've given some good stats on how the Texans have lost when DD had big games. Obviously, we agree that DD should not be the #1 receiver, but you seem to also be saying that even in spite of his efforts on good rushing days, he is somehow hurting the passing game. You eve argued that he hurt the passing game last year, when he was rushing so well, and gave stats to that effect.
I am not saying he is hurting the passing game, he hurts the stats for the passing game yes but what I am saying is teams will give him the yards because he wont kill the oppenent. If Clinton Portis or LT start racking up big yards on the ground, teams bring the safety up and stop the run and that allows big pass plays. They dont stop Davis because Davis isnt a Portis or LT and wont kill a team and teams know that they can give him yards and stop AJ/Bradford/Gaffney/Armstrong/Miller and win the game. If you name every effective offense in the league, they have a game breaking back, we have an average back. Look at the difference Willis McGahee made to the Bills. Henry was a nice grind it out back but McGahee added that extra speed and ever since he started taking the carries Beldsoe has been sacked a whole lot less (4.75 sacks per game during the first four when Henry got the load and only 1.5 sacks a game since McGahee has gotten the load) and the Bills have gotten over .500 after a 0-4 start.

Originally Posted by infantrycak
IMO, that is drawing a conclusion you desire by selected inferences rather than a look at the whole picture. AJ doesn't play for the Cowboys. Unless you get Barry Sanders on the Texans and an OL, teams are going to be more worried about the damage AJ can do than ANY RB the Texans have. That is not so much a slight to the RB as it is a compliment to AJ. Seriously, you're the coach--who are you more likely to put in man coverage--Keyshawn-freaking-Johnson or AJ?
Shouldnt Davis at least get defenses putting single coverage on Bradford or Gaffney??? Defenses dont have to do anything out of the ordinary to stop Davis so Gaff and Bradford arent getting the single coverage...

Originally Posted by Wolf
Julius jones ran for all that and had 3 TD's he was the difference..Teams know they can let us give DD the ball all day long and he isn't going to break one open. oh he'll get his yards, but the defense doesn't have to change their way of playing, just to stop him.

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