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oh yeah and i suppose that call really hurt the colts chances of winning huh
--Actually, it has nothing to do with it. Yeah, it came at a bad time for you. Like I said, it sucks. These things have happened to the Colts at bad times too. It's what happens when you have HUMANS making calls.

They shouldn't be getting all whistle happy until the ball is either out of bounds or underneath somebody who's laying on the ground (or in the endzone).
--Once the play is over, it's over. They have to blow the whistle. I suppose they shouldn't blow the whistle until the pile is UNpiled because someone else may come out with it. The problem is in the replay system. Before replays, these situations didn't come up.

That and don't let the refs be like gods out on the field.
--Actually, the refs ARE the gods out there. That's their JOB. They make the final judgement, even when respectfully asked to reconsider when a coach throws a red flag. If they weren't the gods out there, you may as not tune in anymore to watch. It's be horrible.

by the way the freakin whistle hadn't been blown yet on that play.
--Again, it doesn't matter. It was ruled an incomplete pass on the field. That made the play over even though the whistle hadn't been blown yet.

Here's the thing. They gotta let that play continue. The ref thinks he saw forward motion, but you can't tell me he was really certain about it. He blew the whistle to try and stop EVERYBODY from jumping on the ball. They need to let the play continue and then allow for the review. Just because you sorta, kinda, mighta, thought you saw that the play was over doesn't mean you have to always blow the whistle immediately and screw the defense.
--Nope. The refs actually get PAID to make these kinds of judgement calls. It's their JOB. Did they blow that call? Yep. But he thought he saw the forward motion. What he saw was the arm come forward because it was knocked forward. At game speed, he has to make the call RIGHT THEN. He did that and stopped the play. Not many of us could honestly do it as well as any of these refs. We have the benefit of the replay. They don't, they make the call before it comes up on the Jumbotron.

the only time that I would think that you might have to pick up a flag is ifthe ball was tipped on a pass interference call and the tip not seen by the back judge.
--Nail on the head, kinda. These guys are making calls at game speed. They may not see something, or their vision may be blocked from something and they make the best call they can. Another ref may have seen something. All info is passed on to the referee (white hat), and he makes the final determination.

Ya'll, you have a good team down there in Houston. They're going to be a force to reckoned with, I think next year. The refs blew some calls, but that wasn't what turned the game. There were blown calls both ways. And believe it or not, it worked both ways in terms of helping the other team, this one was just more visible. And the wrong call. But as long as you have people making the calls, it won't be perfect. I know it's frustrating. Look at the AFCC last year. The Colts receivers got MANHANDLED all day. Really hampered the O, and it was against the rules! But we lost, NE won and went on to win the SB. It happens.

Great game, ya'll. We'll see you next year! By the way, Reliant is SO COOL! Looks like Indy will be getting a retractable roof, too, only I hope we put in FieldTurf.
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