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DD was the offense for the Texans today. He is the only reason the game was as close as it was. It's ridiculous that people here are blaming his production for the loss. When he doesn't produce its get rid of him, when he does produce its he didn't do enough. He had 200 total friggin yards. That's a great day for any running back against any defense. It's not his fault that Carr can't find the open man, receivers aren't running or breaking their routes to get open, and the O-line can't pass protect. In the beginning he was injured and running not to fumble, but now he looks like the franchise back everyone thought he would be. He's certainly better than our feature backs of year one the Stacey Mack/Jonathan Wells duo. I would love to see Andre thrown to 8-10 times per game even when he's covered but that's not gonna happen. One there's no pass protection, Two he's usually doubled, and Three it's gonna get picked like in the Jets game. The problem is the Texans don't spread the ball around. Get Gaffney involved, Miller, Armstrong, Bradford. Throwing to those guys will open up AJ and the passing game should flourish.
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