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I hope that some of the nay-sayers realized Peek's potential yesterday. He didnt' get burnt by the run and actually made plays on potential cut-backs. All-in-all, I don't recall any running plays to his side while he was in. The only runs to the defensive left where when Anderson was in.
Which brings up a question. I know that I am one of a couple of posters that have requested rotating the linebackers which was the case yesterday. But Anderson? Has he been on the field at all before yesterday? I guess beggars can't be choosers though.
Another point of concern. If you noticed, Peek started because the defense came out in somewhat of a nickel package with only two down linemen and Peek and Babin on the edges. THey were able to blitz, as cincinnatikid pointed out, and created some havoc. Then, on the second series, went back to the 3-4 and gave up a score. When the d was playing well, they went back to the same alignment. But, in the fourth quarter, with the game in the balance, went back to the 3-4 and gave up the field goal that sealed the game. My question, why change something that seemed to be pretty effective throughout the majority of the ballgame?
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