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Originally Posted by TexansTrueFan
haha jow can ya say a dif QB like mcnabb or farve would do better here ??? They have ALWAYS had a good line to protect them unlike carr, and if it seems so easy to make things happen with 5 difenders in your face JRINEY than why dont ya go out and show us how its done. and did you say step up in the pocket THERE IS NO POCKET FOR HIM TO STEP UP IN !!!!!!!!!!!
I'll be the first to admit that I'd be a terrible I'm not getting paid to be one either. It's a pressure job, and they know that going in. It's a job for a leader. It's a job for a difference maker...the one that makes things happen. Your comment about no pocket to step up into....I disagree. I won't bore you with the comment that I watch every game, because I think we all do....but I've seen plenty of opportunities presented to Carr where he could avoid a panick attack and sack by stepping up into the pocket rather than flush out. I see it time and time again where he gets flustered and feels he has to scramble. The pocket collapses a lot..yes. But the times it doesn't, he should be comfortable with staying in it by now. He's not as mobile as he thinks evidently.
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