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I agree just seems like he buckles when he's pressured. Look at a QB like McNabb...granted he's a rare gem...but he gets pressured constantly and avoids it one way or another. I'm not trying to compare Carr to McNabb, seeing how he's only a junior in the league...but there are average QB's out there that don't take as many sacks as Carr in pressure situations. And it's the QB's job to know how to step up into the pocket and find the receivers....not flush out at the first sign of collapse and panick. That is something I would expect of Eli Manning or any other rookie..not a 3rd year QB who is supposedly going to be great someday. There is partial blame on the line sometimes..but not all the time. Partial blame also goes to the QB's coach who doesn't kick his *ss when he does it 5 times a game.
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