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As I sat and watched the game against the colts today, I saw the Texans defense sorta step up. Domanick Davis finally has broken out and it seems that he is just now starting his season. He helped us stay in the game. One thing that was so terrible to me, were the calls made by the refs. It seems like the whole NFL just wants Peyton Manning to clench the record. I watched as Peyton walked to the Texans line to cry to the refs. about the fumble that was clearly the Texans ball. There was also another fumble that again could have been the Texans ball. Aaron Glenn was called for pass interference late in the game and he never even was around the guy when the ball was near him. It's bad when everyone in the NFL organization just wants to help out Peyton so he can get his record. I also thought it was very childish to walk up to the refs and whine so much. I think that that is the main reason why we lost todays game.
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