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Default Is it too early to know?

I'm stuck debating on whether Carr is the real deal or not. I mean, it's easy to point the finger at him and give him the blame for what's going on, but we all know that there are more problems going on with our offense than just David. But at the same time, this is year 3 for the young QB. I know he's still pretty young, but shouldn't we see more signs of improvement from him by now....even with a team only in it's 3rd year? The mere fact of knowing our offense would be better with a QB such as McNabb, Peyton, Dante, hell even Brees....this fact just proves how a solid QB can give rise to an average system. I think that David has been given too much cushion. "It's only their 3rd year as a franchise....he's only in HIS 3rd year....the O-line doesn't hold up for him..." There could be a million excuses. The fact is that if we stuck a proven QB in our system, as crippled as it is, we'd win more games. Wouldn't we? I mean, as a die-hard Texan fan, it kills me to see our 3rd year QB jump out and scramble out of the pocket either to throw it away or take sacks, when he simply needed to step up into the pocket. He makes routine fundamental mistakes like this constantly! At what point do you say that Carr isn't holding up to draft expectations? Do we wait until our system is just right, so the QB has the opportunity to prove himself? After all, how many teams in the NFL these days have that situation going for them? I personally was elated when we drafted David. And for the past 2 and a half years, I've had that attitude of waiting for him to develop. And it hurts to even think about David as being somewhat of a bust. But at what point does the reality of losing games make us question his leadership and ability to make things happen?
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