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Originally Posted by HJam72
This is how I understand it. On a cover 2 the defense is smuthering the sidelines (basically) with DBs (and maybe some LBs) to stop the wideouts from getting receptions. Specifically, they're sending the safeties back and to the sidelines. Shouldn't that mean that there would be open areas in the middle, especially deep? Why isn't someone getting open deep down the middle? Tight-end? Or receiver? My guess is that by the time this happens Carr is on the ground. Add to that the fact that Carr is not reading all of his receivers on the play anyway and you've got a real problem throwing against the cover 2. Also, on the cover 2 the LBs should be dropping back (not blitzing, most likely), so that means the DLs are getting to car on their own, without any help from the LBs. This is really bad.
You are suppose to attack the seams in the Cover 2 and the safties cover split the field in half. The CBs jam the WRs at the line and then play the flats and the LBs do drop into coverage so you have the main scheme of the thing down. And yes the TE should be open but Carr doesnt even look at the TE. You can tell when the pass is going to Davis because Carr makes up his mind at the snap of the ball so his drop back is different. And thats not on Davis...

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