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I understand the rule, but what is it with the officials these last few games. Picking up flags, inadvertant whistles, long conferences with each other, coaches, players. I was under the impression that you do not throw the flag unless you are 100 % sure you saw a foul. the only time that I would think that you might have to pick up a flag is ifthe ball was tipped on a pass interference call and the tip not seen by the back judge. this is the second week in a row that an official has picked up the flag for blocking in the back. Either the block is in the back and you throw the flag or it was from the side and you don't throw the flag.It is not the easiest call to make sometimes, but the official needs to make hte call and stick with it. Also with all the conferences and official timeouts, the game seems to lose all rythym. Hard for either team to get comfortable.
The Colts were the better team today and I am not blaming the officials, but i had to get this rant out of my system.
That's all!
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