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Originally Posted by HJam72
Because the O-line couldn't protect him long enough.
Point excatly, shouldnt Davis carving up the run defense allow a little more time on pass plays??? It doesnt because teams are playing pass. One play that signifies that was after Davis had a couple of good carries in a row and Carr did a play fake to Davis, Freeney who had gotten by Wand didnt even attempt to go to Davis and just put his head down and went after Carr. The play fake wasnt even done and Freeney made up his mind that he was going after Carr. The result a sack. Yeah, Wand didnt do a good job but shouldnt a play fake at least freeze Freeney for a second??? He wasnt scared of Davis, he was scared of Carr finding one of the wideouts open. The same thing happened the other way but when Manning faked it to James, the entire front seven for the defense STOPPED. There was no stopping when the fake was issused to Davis. The Texans defense was scared of James, the Colts defense wasnt scared of Davis.

Everyone here would agree with me that the O-line for the Chargers last year was horrible, right??? Well, LT made it look good and because defenses fear LT, they waited on the play fake and in return the Chargers only allowed 29 sacks last year which was 6th best in the AFC and 11th best in the entire league. A play fake to the RB is suppose to freeze people, play fakes to Davis dont scare people.

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