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Actually, it's not quite the conspiracy you think it is. Last week (I think), the same thing happened to the Colts defense. They forced the fumble, but it was called an incomplete pass and the whistle was blown. Play over. Coach Dungy challenged, and it was ruled a fumble, but since the whistle had blown, it went back to the offense. The only thing the Colts got was the loss of the yards and the down.

In the game today, the pass was called a forward pass. There is no reason to let the play progress at that point, and to protect the players the whistle is blown and the play is stopped. Therefore the defense could not recover.

It's unfortunate, but that's the only way it can work. The recovery was made AFTER the whistle, therefore not made when the play was active.

This is one of the anomolies given to us by replay. And it has to be that way. Do I think that was a fumble? Yep! Do I think the refs blew the call? Yep! Did they do the right thing with the possession? Yep, they did the only thing they could.

It's an imperfect world. There were enough calls tat went the wrong way on BOTH sides. I know that sucks for you all, but they did what they had to do with the possession once the call was reversed.

Great game today, guys! You all have been down on your team all week leading up to this game. They're a good team, and the pieces are starting to fall into place. That's the lowest score the Colts have had this year! You've got some good times ahead! See you next year! Good luck through the rest of the season, and here's to NO INJURIES!
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