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Originally Posted by ThaShark316
It is just me...or do the newer ppl on this board have unrealistic expectations. Everyone wants Capers/Palmer fired and think this team wont get any better in the long run. Maybe I'm being rude,but it bugs the hell out of me that people aren't patient with this team. Just calm down people,yall act the Texans been apart of Houston for 25 ****in' years. Have faith in our front office and shut up with the unrealistic bs.
As I stated last week...Rome wasnt built in a is gonna take time to build a GOOD NFL team.....not to mention our division is brutal.Look back at our opponents the NFL has given us the last couple of years.....even the top dogs on the block would have a hard time....bottom line though.."To be the gotta beat the best" We will get there baby....for the people just hanging on to the bandwagon.....jump off,we dont need you anyway.LOL
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