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I think it is great to have the depth for multiple formations and options. So much better than Matt Stevens and this rookie or that.

I agree with V that the SS position must be a big time hitter, like Blaine Bishop or Ronnie Lott. It creates a much different defensive atmosphere and one that is most pleasing to Texans Football.

Eric Brown has made some big hits. Problem with Eric is that he is listed at 210 pounds and that is too light. He needs to have at least 220 pounds on his 6 foot frame to put a little more punch in his pop.

In reality it is all about the want to and if Eric doesn't want to create an atmosphere of knowing that wideouts will get hit and hit hard if they come across the middle and running backs will be punished on sweeps.

If not, then I am sure Ramon Walker or Glen Earl are going to give it their best.
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