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Default Expansion Team no more

I'm sick of the overall feeling that this is an expansion team. We should be excuses. There are some very sketchy calls made by our offense, and David does not seem to step up in clutch situations. Sure, there might be pressure coming on big third downs....but he should not be taking so many crucial sacks. Any good quarterback finds ways to avoid this. 3rd and 2 and we put him in the shotgun formation for a 4 yard sack with very little left in the game?!?! When all we need is a few yards? How many times have we seen Dom go for it on 4th and 1? Why not gut it up the middle for a yard or two, and punch it through on 4th if we need to? It controls the clock, and keeps the drive going. Granted, our O-line folds in these situations, and Davis...he doesn't seem to do much of anything, with exception to today's game. We can't move the ball without a running game. I am a dedicated fan, but I'm sick of the weak performances and play calling on offense. Even when the offense does get going, we're barely keeping it going on a few big third downs. No confidence at all. I think in this situation, it's the quarterback and coaching's responsibilities to step this offense up. It's not happening. The defense does a great job in my opinion. Sure they give up some big plays on long third downs, but how much should we really expect out of them when they're on the field so much. I honestly think we need to make some serious changes this off-season. It's easy to say "Hey, this is only our third year, let's gradually build on it. Have patience." But we can't constantly keep looking forward to picking up rookies in the draft. We're not an expansion team anymore!

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