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Originally Posted by BullPenAndy
I don't respect him and here's why. If he is supposed to be the great QB everyone says, why does he waste my time with all the fake audibles? If he is "that good", he should not have to trick the opponent. Line up, call an audible if its warranted, and execute the play.
LMAO!! andy i know, its almost like peyton is picking on the defense huh? LOL, come on man i guess your against a hard count to make the defense jump off sides on 3rd and short also ? how dare peyton try to confuse the defense, i mean its not like they dont try to do the same to him, they do, they just cant out fox a fox. what is the difference between a defense showing blitz and dropping into coverage instead of blitzing? they are trying to throw the QB off and make him check to a play that wont work. you are just trying to find something to nag about because he is the best and not on your team, if peyton came to the texans you all would be all over his sack, but since he plays for a rival team you have to find something childish to cry about. that without a doubt is the dumbest reason i have ever heard to not like a qb because hes to good. he is going to give you nother reason not to like him come sunday, in fact id say he will give several new reasons when you look up at the scoreboard. the texans will have to pay peyton for making sure all the lights on the scoreboard work.
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