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Originally Posted by BullPenAndy
I don't respect him and here's why. If he is supposed to be the great QB everyone says, why does he waste my time with all the fake audibles? If he is "that good", he should not have to trick the opponent. Line up, call an audible if its warranted, and execute the play.
So what did you think of Manning's manipulation of the clock in the Green Bay game? 2:40 remained in the second quarter. Peyton comes to the line, proceeds to 'call' about 15 audibles and simply allows the play clock to run out.

The Packers were suckered into not calling a time out prior to the two minute warning, thereby losing about 30-35 seconds of valuable time.

Was that a case of brilliance on the part of a very smart quarterback?

Or was it simply another case of someone cheating?
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