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In all reality, your lineman in a 3-4 don't necessarily have to be that fast. They need to be big and take on the O-line in order for the four linebackers to come up and stop the run. They need to be able to keep a gueard from pulling and taking out one of your linebackers to create a hole. They are primarily run stoppers. That is why you need to get pressure on pass plays from your linebackers instead of having them all drop back into zone coverage. If you only send one OLB on pass situations you are basically relegating yourself to a 4-3 defense with no blitz, even though you are truly blitzing one of your backers. That is not creating enough of an advantage against the 5-7 offensive players staying in for pass protection. The D has to send more than 4 and drop 7, especially this week because Peyton will pick apart the creases in the zone. Having both Babin and Peek coming in from the edges will be one step in the right direction.
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