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Originally Posted by coltsrock
Ogre, you're absolutely correct! It may or may not be a slump. The nice thing is, the Colts have him for kickoffs only this year, and will have the remainder of this year and the offseason to evaluate.

And Crumpler, you're right too. It will be difficult to match what is going on this year. But last year, the Colts had a terrible record of scoring TDs in te red zone. They have changed strategies this year and will pass first, then look for the run. It seems to be working better for them. Given their personnel, and the fact that they're coming back pretty much intact for next year, it should be much better, and therefore put less emphasis on the kicker.

Having Vandy would be great, having a good corner would be better. It may become a tradeoff.

One note about this board: it is GREAT to talk football. Good board! Keep it up!
vandy will definitely be gone next year. he's not happy with the colts taking away his kickoff duties, and he's just making too much money. he's gone.

so is marcus pollard. pollard is scheduled to make quite a bit next year, and we have drafted some other tight ends, so he will be released.

morris may be resigned at the vet minimum for depth. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him back in indy, especially considering that polian likes him.

marvin's cap hit will be low for at least 3 years. they don't structure new contracts to shoot up dramatically after only one year. it's just about like peyton's... his is fine for the first few years, and then it goes up alot. by then, it's time to restructure.
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