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Originally Posted by coltsrock
Coupled with the fact that the Colts finally figured out how to score TDs in the red zone, where last year we relied on Vady a LOT more, and he becomes more expendable. And, the Colts just signed Grammatica. He's been down this year. Can he come back? Wo knows? But not a bad situation to be in.

Now, hopefully they can shore up the defense some!
I wouldn't be sure that the Colts can repeat on THAT level again next year and without 30 point leads in the 3rd quarter a very good kicker could be worth his money. And at least some kind of defense would be nice also, i supppose.

I've heard that the Panthers and Pats were paying the No.1 and No.2 ranked salary for their top special teamer. They got them though in clutch time and got em some wins, so don't underestimate the worth of your kicker!
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