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Actually, there are scheduled roster bonuses in 2005 AND 2006, both of which can be converted to signing bonuses and therefore prorated. 206 doesn't look abd either. As to restructring, consensus is that the cap is going to be going UP, and quite a bit given the new TV contracts. Couple that with dead money that should be rolling off the Colts cap, and things don't look too bad.

Sounds like the Colts will be able to help themselves also by cutting people scheduled to make quite a bit next year, or at least more than they're worth. Morris, Pollard, Scioli.

And even Vandy may be up for grabs. And before you say "that's nuts!", consider a couple of facts. Yes he is the most accurate kicker in the history of football. But his hit next year will be somewhere between $2.5M and $3M. Coupled with the fact that the Colts finally figured out how to score TDs in the red zone, where last year we relied on Vady a LOT more, and he becomes more expendable. And, the Colts just signed Grammatica. He's been down this year. Can he come back? Wo knows? But not a bad situation to be in.

Now, hopefully they can shore up the defense some!
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