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Originally Posted by Cincinnatikid
How many times is it going to be said, we have some speed that we dont use. Peek. Obvious the texans get little pressure on the QB, but I guess that is of little concern to the coaches. 90 plays in 12 games is not much, considering half were probably special teams. You only let who many consider your best pass rusher on the field for about 4 plays a game. In the words of my friends, the guiness guys, Brilliant!
Being from Cinci, you obviously have a Peek bias. However, I do agree that Peek could add speed to the defense. However, I don't think Wong is slow at OLB.

I am more concerned with the speed of the line and Foreman (well prior to his injury). We need a more talented and faster ILB to replace Foreman and we need some speed and athletism along the line. Gary Walker is not the same player he was in 2002. He is hardly even a shell of that man. Robaire Smith is learning a new system and has been alright this year. Seth Payne has shown flashes of his former self, but I'm not sure if he will ever be the same.
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