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The Texans have the Bears and Browns coming up, 2 very winnable games. If we win just one more game then that is 1 more than we had last, so yes it is without any doubt a progress. I pointed out at the beginning of the season that we should call a 6-10 season a success when you factor in that we are starting 3 guys on our offensive line that are playing for the first time at their spots, every year there has been a different rotation of men on the offensive line. Add to that that we are using a new offensive blocking scheme. Carr is in his 3rd year and has one of the younger receiving corps in the league. All this and we havn't even gotten to the defensive side of the ball where as it stands now 8 of the guys playing at their positions where not there a year ago. Thats over 70% of defense in a new positon and some of you expect the playoffs???? I don't get all that. It pretty easy to tell that the Texans lack cohesion and timing. You may look for answers in the coaching ability of Capers, Palmer and Fangio, but it's a pretty glaring reality why we have only 5 wins right now. I'm surprised to see people reaching for clues as to why we are not successfull yet. You can even look at last game when Carr gets nail and then has a neck injury, yet everyone expects him to play like a superstar against a top 5 defense. Now I hear that we have no excuses because we are injury free?? Take a look now, we have 9 guys on the defensive side of the ball that weren't at that position significantly last year.
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