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Personally I see a lot of progress. People who say they don't must not be really paying attention. Does anyone really think that a team that has only been around 3 years when most of the big play guys everyone keeps saying we need haven't even been here the whole 3 years is supposed to play error free consistant football. If so I don't know what league you have been watching. With everything the Texans have been working through things are going great. As a fan ofcourse I would like to see us in the top of the division headed to the playoffs, but that is a dream not an accoplishable goal at this point in the evolution. We have the first 1000 yard reciever in Texans history and everyone want to say there has to be problems with the offense. We start 3 rookies on defence and everyone says are defence should be a top ten defence. Daunta has inpressed me with not only his pass protection but also his willingness to make a hit. Andre is leading all the best recivers of all time almost when compared with them at the same number of games. DD is a good running back possibly a great running back but they changed the way the line blocks and that takes some adjustment time. That is like someone changing the computer program you use at work to do your job and expecting you to work twice as fast with little training. Most of the people on this board are not only discouraging to the fans but possibly also the players and I think you need to give credit where credit is due.
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