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The last couple of years we pretty much lost to anybody and won a few here and there because we didn't give up, had some luck go our way, or the other team just wasn't up to par and we were able to take advantage...several of the games we won weren't won because we were just that good. I heard a sports announcer say something a few weeks back and it stuck with me and you all can take it how ya like but I see it as an improvement. The announcer had said that the Texans have won the games they are supposed to and lost the ones they were expected to lose (not by Texans fans of course). The blow outs are rediculous and there's no excuse. There were a couple of games we were in and should have won against very good teams but couldn't pull them out because we couldn't stay consistent throughout the game. From what I can see we're not losing to the bad teams anymore. Teams that are on a losing streak don't look at us as a win to break the cycle. Good teams, whether admitted or not, are scared of us because they don't know what to expect. Next year, we will be the surprise team. I'm not giving up on this year yet. If we do go 7-9 I will be exstatic and if not then I'm sure that will be the talk for the next 5 - 7 months so there's plenty of time to discuss it. I don't believe firing people is the answer but a few do need to get their heads out of their rears. Thank you for your time and I'll be here all week. LOL
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