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aight im gonna do something against my better judgement here and tell you that i think the texans have (had) the ability to be a playoff team this year and next. with that said you need a little more talent on both sides of the ball, andre johnson is a stud and carr is pretty good but he is inconsistant. davis is a decent back but you also need to add a redzone back, someone who can catch and or pound it in.

your linebackers are terrible in pass coverage and the secondary plays to soft. consistancy is the key for the texans, you guys will play above your expectaions one week and then have a melt down the next week. in the nfl you have to have a play action threat and the texans as far as ive seen dont, they are far to predictible on play calling.

but all in all for a 3rd year team you guys are hangin in there and will be better for it in the long run if you stick it out with carr and company. as far as firing the coaches goes capers deserves at least another year to get you guys over the hump imo. i think you guys will get there, prob not this sunday but next year should be better than the previous 3.
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