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Originally Posted by coltsrock
Again, think cap. The cap goes UP, Harrison's hit goes DOWN. Both headed in the right direction for the Colts.

That is not to say there won't be some people that do not wear a Colts jersey next year. But not because of the cap.

My guess is Morris (MLB) will not be back. Never lived up to expectations. Pollard is expedable because of Clark's emergence as well as 3 other STRONG TE's behind that pair. We have a couple along the O-line that are UFAs, and you may see one go. Howard Mudd is an O-line genius, so that could happen easily. Brad Scioli(DE/DT) may be cut. Harper (CB) is almost assured to be gone since he is a UFA.

There are several others I may have to look up.

The nice thing about this is, that because the cap goes up, and the hits are going down, along with some strategic cuts, none of the losses should be because of the cap. It will be either because the Colts didn't feel they were worth the asking price, or because they decided to move on.

How are the Texans on cap?
Well, hits me more than unexpected. Your theory and the numbers look pretty well even if i dislike the possibility of the hydra staying in place. Let's see if everything falls into place like you've said. The asking price of Edge won't be low nor do i expect him to think about the Colts situation first. He could earn some bucks in FA and the Colts would have to match it or tag him and both aren't cheap choices.
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