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Originally Posted by Cincinnatikid
3.3 million isnt much under the cap compared to other teams. Money doesnt necessarily make the team. The Raiders are less than a million under the cap and they are terrible. The eagles are 10 million under and i do believe they are doing ok. Some of the better teams such as the Patriots and Steelers are a little lower than us, but 1 million in the NFL doesnt mean much. The difference is some of their players and how well they play together and run their schemes. Money isnt the problem.
Agree. 3 million makes it possible to react or have some more space next year.

Compare that with McCombs and his Team in Minnesota. The Vikings were so much under the Cap, that they took the SB of the Antoine Winfield contract - 10 million BTW - and converted it into an option bonus for his very first year. Doing that he took the 10 million cap hit without any problems and he can be cut in any of the following years without Cap rammifications. And they have even more space remaining. That is an owner that has NO interest in spending money on his team.
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