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Originally Posted by ArlingtonTexan
I am with Beerlover on the pure speed/quickness of this unit. I am not sure how fast peek is in regards to simialr players around the league, but one the reason that he looks so fast on the Texans is because he is the only player in the front seven mix where speed is his primarily asset. The unit always seems to be a half a step away from making the play. i hope that the texans management does not feel that you can't have a DLman with some quickness in the 3-4 even as situational guy. One reason that you may not see the ton of blitzing is the speed/quickness factor overall. team that blitz a ton are usually quicker teams. Often zones are an attempt to hide a deficency in speed/quickness.
That is a good point about hiding the slowness of our Dline. However, Peek is fast, have you watched him on kick coverages. Also, it would be great to get a fast MLB, one that can fly around making plays like Ray Lewis or even Zach Thomas. I think this team has speed but they do not use it. How often do we use the corner back blitz, maybe once a game. I think this team has more talent than people think, because they have not been using it very well. Do we ever see a safety blitz? There are a lot of things this team could do if they would at least try mixing it up.
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