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Originally Posted by beerlover
I'll tell you what it fired me up a little to see the coaching staff riding the officials after they picked up the yellow flag for clipping @ NY. They showed heart (high blood pressure) excreeting bodily fluid (flem & spit) & frustration level almost as high as the fans themelves. Hey I can realte to that.

I have posted a 3-4 thread & basicly blamed the coaching staff for lack of exacution or improper use of personel. But after this latest debacle against the Jets, other than Dunta there seems to be a serious lack of team speed. And as much as coaches scream & spit its not going to make the players suddenly faster. The players up front have to be huge, powerfull men in a 3-4, the olb also have to be bigger in the 3-4. Just exactly where is our speed going to come from in the 3-4 besides these positions? Seems to me we need either a bigger physcial corner that can pass rush, a stud saftey & playmaking MLB to help their counterparts be more effective in containement.
Well one thing i can tell you is that there is some speed on this team. You got Dunta on the corner, who has been pretty successful in covering and in blitzing from the corner. You got a new rookie safety that is quick. Maybe Glenn and Sharper are getting up there but they are not slow. Then you got your OLBs that are young, Babin and Peek. Peek can run a 4.5 or sub 4.5 in the 40, Babin is around a 4.5. Thats not bad for 250 pound men. Maybe the Dline is a bit slow but they are all DTs. And how big do you want your OLBs to be? They have to drop into coverage remember. Joey Porter in Pitt is 6-3 250, is he too small to be good? The speed may be true of our second ILB, Foreman or Polk, but overall this team is not extremely slow. They may not be as fast as some teams, but when a few more of the older veterans are replaced this team will be fine in terms of speed. The team needs to stop dropping into zone every play, and actually run a few blitzes, then you would see a different team.
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